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Sprite artist wanted

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Wanted: sprite artist to render the following weapons into Doom:

1 - Electrosword (to replace chainsaw)
2 - Mini-Gauss Pisol (to replace pistol)
3 - Sawn-off Shotgun Rifle (to replace SSG)
4 - Gauss Gun (to replace chaingun)
5 - Bazooka (to replace rocketlauncher)
6 - Electric Charger (to replace BFG)

Please contact sewoodman@talk21.com if you have time to render these things and are able to do so.

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sounds boring.. If you were making something original i might
help you out, but im not doing that stuff for free if its
nothing innovative..

but anyway just take screenshots of the halflife weapons and
paste them in to look like your guns..

since all that crap was in halflife anyway =P


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Well ya gotta credit him at least for wanting original graphics for the thing.... alot of weapons for mods pull the graphics from Half-Life etc....

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