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Slige a great program

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Slige is one of the greatest doom programs out there. It creats random levels that are usally difficult but plain. It sometimes creats very good levels with great looks, placement and textures to match. When i first got it i thought all the rooms would be the same and only 1 texture would be used. I was wrong but i have some sudgestions that would make it kick ass.

a luanch window to control features i think should be in the program.

new features: select map to replace, if it is to be a boss level, selected weapons, monsters, and items to be in the map, select texture thems or random textures. room shapes and a outside, inside, lab, base, hell, or space map themes.

Also bigger maps and wide varity of arctechture the is added at random.

types of things to be added to map, like structures, furnature,etc

well those are just some of my sudgestion for the program. Who knows maybey some of these things will be in a future version

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Slige indeed is a very nice programm. I used to use it on my Mac since one and a half year (using a PC-emulation which allows me to run Dos and the several Windoze). It is truly stunning to see how different the levels made by Slige are and how they look like man-made. Most of those levels are on the standard of lower quality man-made levels from 1994/95 (of corse at that time fanatstic levels were made, for example "Doomsday of the UAC"). But you can also fiddle around with SligeĀ“s syntax and tell the programm how you want the level to be looking - the results will also be a surprise. I would be interested in how those applications work - it seems to work like an artificial intelligence. If someone kows how it works, please tell me.

The levels slige makes can at least work for level designers who wants to use them as a base for their own work go to improve them.

Also good for loyal Doom players with no wad making skills who wants to play Doom for the rest of their lifes - since Slige really makes Doom live forever (but of course the community is also needed :-)

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Perhaps some people can post the seed numbers from some good or interesting levels slige made.

I once bashed in a random number and got a level with shitloads of enemies in big groups. I lost the number and the wad though.

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