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Esco, probs with your sounds again :/

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Hey man, just thought I would let you know, that your revision of your sound WAD still doesn't let me hear the arachnotron walking sound. Oh and the drowning, player breathing, player gulping in water, and the water landing sounds don't work either.

Just though you would like to know.

BTW, watch out for themz Underpants Gnomes, they can be some REOL bastrads, so keep your undies safe. :)

And don't forget to have some coffee :)

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Yo, wuzzup bro! I fixed the arachnotron problem a few days ago. It is an error in the sndinfo file, edit it and change the sounds name ta ara_walk, or just redownload da wad! As for da rest of da sounds ya mentioned, in the zdoom sndinfo file there is NO place to insert these files for doom! If you are using edge, you will need to change a number of things in it! The only entry from zdoom dat the sndinfo file ain't gots is player/male/usefail. I found no use for it in my wad, as the grunt sound is already used for this, whenever I need it! What source port are you using?

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