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Zeratul 982

Question about Slige...

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Sometimes when slige builds the level(s), you see some other stuff before it says "globally aligning..." For example, you see things like "diamond," "nukage city," "extra hugeness," etc.
I figured out what some of them are like those 3 above, but I'm sure there are some that I never seen before. Does anyone know them all and know what each means?

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I remember when I toyed around with that program that the documentation included covered those things. There is a slige fan site out there that gives info on how to set up a batch file that runs slige until you get levels with all the specifications you want.

There can't be that many sites devoted to slige, run a search and I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for.

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These are features that I have seen listed:
Intertwin decroom
Intertwin nukage
switch quest
Key thing
Locked stairs
Window airshaft
Nukage city!!
Small triggerbox
Tiny triggerbox
Extra hugeness
Downlocked gate
Uplocked gate
Biggest monsters
OL Gate quest
BL Gate quest
Quest push
Water pool

I probably missed a few.

And errors:
Prettying up misalignments
Self-collision; may be fewer rooms than expected.

Try these:
Seed: 1326858323
Enough bloody demons at the start?!?

Seed: 1446262854
Weird effect in forest of pillars. Looking on map, it occurs on 1 pillar in middle 'column' of pillars and 3 in the left. BTW what is that effect called?

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