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"a DEDICATED coder welp wanted"

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Okay, if you glanced at that newdoom screenie a while back, yes i am making a megaman doom T.c. Only i want to make the atmosphere a little more playable. So i am sending out a plea for help to get any coder to do a little re-vamping in the z-doom engine. Heres some background on the T.C. itsself:
Megaman doom is basted on the origional megaman series for nintendo. It follows a similar storyline, and takes one boss out of each of the megaman games (giving a grand total of 6 bosses). They are: Gutsman, Bubbleman, Shadowman, Ringman, Crystalman, and Flameman. So far all there actions have been coded in dehacked, as well as all of the enimies. What i need a coder to impliment is the following(most are direct references to the game):
- Health is measured in a rectangle in the corner of the screen. When your at full health, the box is full, as you lose health, the meter decreases. (as seen in megaman)
-The same health feature for each boss (showing there health the same way)
- A main menu in which to select the bosses stage you wish to proceed to (this one requires some work)
- A menu selection in which you can chose your weapon and or boss power you've accumulated.
- other various tweaks like swiching to a chasecam after the player dies so he can watch himself explode, and having the monsters continue to move around after the player is dead (not going back to there waiting frames)

If you or anyone you know has a love for megaman and knows how to write code, respond to this message with your name and e-mail address. Thanks


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Guest fraggle`

ok well here goes...


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