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Gayness and Pokemon r' like Apple Pie and Mom

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let me explain a few things before you all come to conclusions
about my stances on political correctness.. i caught alot
of shit for that last message about pokemon being a fag's game.

its my opinion that gay buttsex is distasteful, or any form
of buttsex for that matter, be it necro-bestial, or whatever..
my thing is, I dont like pokemon because, Like buttsex, I stay
away from both of them like the plague. they are not my cup of
tea and i think people should wake up and quit liking both of
them. I *think* that but i dont preach it, Every reason is an
equal right to hate.
The similarities between "Gay" and "Pokemon" are not just a
fleeting coincidence though.. I think Pokemon is a sign of what
christians would call "The apocalypse"..

If its close minded to use gayness as a good reference between
me and my growing disgust towards pokemon, then Im glad to be
close minded.
gay is the perfect word to describe things i dislike because
i cant explain why i dont like pokemon, i just do.. Kind of like
why those kids like apple jacks.. its just, for lack of a better
term, "GAY" because i cant explain my disdain for pokemon,
in the same manner the apple jacks childeren cant explain why
they like apple jacks.. "They just Do" and Pokemon is just
"gay" and i cant explain why i am disgusted by gayness..

this is a place for discussing what doesnt suck, Which is gorey
video games full of machine guns and demonic things..

i hope that clears things up a bit. Im not trying to start any
big feud, Im just speakin my mind, if you cant deal with it,
then hide under your blanket and pretend yours is the only point
of view out there because theres a million different variations
of every thought you ever had in your head.

its just why im different than than you, and for discriminating
against a discriminator, that makes you a hypocrite, which is
really pretty lame when you think about it.

Anyway, I dont apologize for not being who you want me to be..
but i do ask that you not talk shit to me about it, because
thats a game Im really sick of playing on message boards..

if you want to flame me then make a message board called "Zero
is an homo-hating bigot" and post your shit there.. Itll probly
end up being busier than this board.

Im not directing this towards anyone in particular and im not
going to address this crap again or reply to this thread..

If ive upset any gays in the audience, good. If you let a freakin
message board control your emotions you deserve to suffer.

thanks for my time.


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All I can say is "Who cares what you think about Pokémon and how you somehow relate it to gaynes!" I have yet to see a "gay" Pokémon...

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Lazer said:

All I can say is "Who cares what you think about Pokémon and how you somehow relate it to gaynes!" I have yet to see a "gay" Pokémon...

Umm pardon me for intruding. I know I am fairly new here... but if I'm not mistaken.. this is not a site to be talking about your incredible hatred towards Pokemon!!!! WHAT does that have to do with Doom, or any other shooter for that matter? Nothing! so why was effort even wasted is my question?

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Guest Cacodemon Leade
elbryan42 said:

Geez... my excessive hate towards Goldeneye isn't even as bad as this...

I stayed away from FF7 because of Cloud Strife's face when you go to the menu which shows you the members in your party, and allows you to do a lot of functions. If I see that face again, it's really gonna be pissing me off!

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When I first heard the word 'Pokemon' I thought it was a Jamaican gay porno.

Poke a mon.

Whatever else it boils down to, sure. Who'll argue? We're Doom players children-oriented RPGs are not exactly our cup of tea around here.

As for you're whole ultra-defensive buttsex rant, well, what pisses me off is when people interpret homophobia like it's a bad thing and that only homosexuals actually have it. That's retarded. Join NAMBLA or something, I hate people who just say shit like that to piss people off.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions. You dislike buttsex. I don't blame you.

Personally I've always been fond of pyrobestialnecrophilia. Nothing like shoving your cock into a flaming dead horse I say, it really makes you feel like a man. =P Heheh.

Um, nevermind I said that...

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Yo, I feel what you is saying and I'm down wit it one hundred and fifty percent! Ya gots ta remember dat some peeps around here ain't got no damn sense of humor, and gots ta take everything to heart like lil' bitches! A few of them talk mad shit, but they is usually just full of it themselves.

Personally... I used ta like pokemon, and I still think it's aight (when I'm DRUNK!), but I do think dat the show is fucking GAY! But, that don't mean I gots a problem with homosexuals at all. Personally... I love women, and while I may like da way a honey's ass looks, I would never fuck her in it, dat's what pussy is for IMHO! My ex-boss (on the other hand) was queer, but he was one of mah best friends at my job, and he was cool as fuck. Now even though he was bigger than me, deadup... if anyone fucked wit him in front of me, I would beat da fuck out of them, believe dat!

Anyways, I haven't seen you around much, but when I first got here people was flamin' da way I talk (I mean write). Most of them peeps is cool now, and dat's good. Ya just gotta learn dat some peeps is gonna hate on ya, no matter what you say. Dat's life, be yoself, and if people don't like it, FUCK EM! It's yo life and you only live once, as long as you ain't hurtin' people, it's all gravy!

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you know exactly what im talkin about.. props dude, people should
stop making fun of the way you talk and start listening to what
you gotta say, they could learn some shit.


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