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HUGE update to ftp.

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Ok. lots of stuff:

-I cleaned out the upload directories. Check out "rights & site map.txt" for an updated site map.

-for you duke3d lovers (you know who you are) I have the PSX Duke 3d tracks up. Unfortunately I can't take credit for these wads. Some guy called Mark Knight. Got these off of www.traxinspace.com.

-there are remixes galore all over the place. check em out.

-for those of you who like cartoons, I will be putting up some toons every week. look for episodes of these toons every friday nite:
-1 Beast Machines ep
-2 Beast Wars eps
-2 Earthworm Jim eps
-3 South Park eps
-4 Transformers eps

-as for the Transformers eps. Most of the eps are Generation 1, but some are the crappy generation 2 shit. The majority of them are in great quality EXCEPT for the first few eps, namely "More than Meets the Eye". All three parts. A friend of a friend has these on tape, so I will be making a divx version of these.

I think that's it! Have fun.

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