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Zeratul 982

Skulltag launcher help

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I just downloaded zdoom and skulltag today (Mar 24), and if I wanted to play a multiplayer game using the launcher that comes with skulltag, how do I properly set up a game or join one? I'm asking because I don't know any server IP's.

...Or doesn't anyone play doom on the net anymore?

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Guest TheCyanideX

let me be the first to tell you, that yes people sill play DOOM on the net. that's why there's ZDOOM I suppose.
As for Skulltag Launcher, well from what I have seen, it's a great idea, but right now running a game on a server isn't fairing very well. I even tried on three occasions to get the damn thing to stay online, and it kept either kicking me out of the game, (not KICK ) or die on the launch of a game.
This guy Striker has been trying to start a server as well, but he hasn't had much luck with SKulltag either.
So if you wanna play online, go and download Zdaemon v.09 and it's Launcher (I'd recommend the Advanced Launcher AZDL.ZIP). You can find those files at slayer1.dhs.org
There's CSDOOM too, but it's out of developement, has still has tons of bugs in it.
That's all I can say until Nightfang gets Skulltag's stability issues out of the way.
Hope this helps though//// Outty 5K

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the problem is that skulltag first used the source of csdoom. althou added some fixes and stuff witch was taken from zdeamon it does crash due to a error(cant remember what error it is but it dosint crash you but tells you the error and sends you into consol)...and althou people say that no one is hosting skulltag servers i think there are servers out there. i mean people have been waiting for this skulltag to come out into v0.92 and just not play it. bah. its probly the launcher still having bugs in it

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