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Lost Soul

Ports... where did all the goons go!?

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Here's something that made me quite angry with just about every port of Doom to a console. Has this happened to anyone out there who bothers with the ports? My favorite monster has NEVER EVER made it to a console!!! EVEN IF HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE IN A LEVEL HE ISN'T. Of course I speak of the dreaded Arch-Vile. WHERE DOES HE GO DAMMIT!? And the Revenant not being in Doom 64.. Wha? He would have looked GREAT in those visuals in my opinion. The Commandos never made it there either... so many potential deadly ambushes that could have happened.. Oh well.. I don't miss him near as much as the arch vile. Maybe the GBA version if it's Doom 2 won't dissapoint me.. gah. I shouldn't hope like that!
There were some other things I did miss.. but they aren't coming to mind at the time...

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I think the reason why the arch-vile wasn't in PSX doom is because the game is one of the PSX's first games, before they learned how to get the games to run faster. I think that's why the revanent is much slower. Not to mention, there's a little slowdown when the height is too much. Did you notice how Final Doom has higher platforms and stuff than the first PSX Doom? Maybe if the game came out later, like when Duke came out. PSX Duke is just like the PC (OK, with a little slowdown).

As for the N64 version, I think that the designers were just bitches and just decided not to put them in. You have to admit though, the pain elemental shooting out 2 lost souls instead of 1 is a nice touch.

As for the GBA version of doom... I dunno what to expect, since it technologically somewhere between the SNES and the PSX. I hope it's not another SNES Doom... that's what the screenshots look like to me (with the lack of floor and ceiling textures).

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