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Zeratul 982

elbryan42: music file ripping

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I'm attempting to download the mp3's that I need, which takes a long time for a 56k to do, but the downloading process always stops after about 30% is downloaded. Damn ISP...

I've been trying to find out how to rip the music files from the PSX Doom cd's for a long time. The only thing I noticed was that the files were in LCD format. I played one of them on Winamp and I get a quick "bleep" so I knew they were some kind of sound files.
I was unable to find a program that would let me rip them. How did you manage to do so?

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i've tried to figure out what the lcd files were and asked around. there are no converters and no one knows how to use the files. i don't think any other games use them.

so i plugged the psx straight into the my sound card with the av cables that come with the psx. worked great. no static, and the sound was just as good as cd. then i used soundforge to record the sounds. and razorlame to encode em.

emulators won't work. bleem locks up with doom, and in virtual game station the music's staticy. if you use a tv card, and use an rf (coax cable) attachment, the mp3s will sound like crap (major static) like the first ones i made.

i wish there was an easier way, but there's the best way i could think of. i made the doom 64 music the same way. at least you don't have to listen for the looping. i can give you the lengths of the tracks.

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