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doom2 textures in doom1

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i looked in my doom1 wad file to find a few doom2 spirts and textures. why is that? well i am useing the ultimate doom version so that may have something to do with it. was some of the stuff from doom2 cut before it was finsihed in doom1. stuff i have seen: hell spawn cube spirt, hell knight(incomplet spirts no attack scenes, a few other textures i have not seen in any main doom level. i am sure i missed a few that i have seen but these are some big ones.

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You should see mancubus fireballs and some other stuff too.

And no, these were not unfinished items that were never used in Doom. Don't know why they ended up in the wad, but they appeared quite late on (around about ver 1.7?).

If you look inside older doom.wad's you will not find the items you describe, but you will find some bits and pieces that never made it into doom. There are a few unused fireball graphics (one of which I used to replace the cacodemon fireball in one of my wads as I thought it looked much better than the actual caco FB, and at least one that I think was to be part of the original BFG effect). These were in ver 1.1 and 1.2 but disappeared after that.

There is also the SMT2A0 graphic that never made it into doom, but has been in all the wads (I think). It is a small grey stalagmite type thing.

There is also some leftovers in the EXE. There is a "dead lost soul" thing. Originally the lost soul was to look quite different and left a pile of broken bone shards as a body. Presumably these would have been placeable in a map as a dead lost soul. The EXE has that possibility (it is a thing type 23). This thing can still be placed in a map and can be useful for dehacking (but unhacked is pointless).

There are also some mistakes in the wads. You will notice all the sounds, and most (all?) the music lumps are repeated in doom.wad ver 1.9 (maybe earlier too). The wall patch SW18_7 is also duplicated in both doom.wad and doom2.wad.

I am sure there are others too, but these are the ones I can remember.

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