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Lost Soul

Getting lost in hell

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Here's a question I'm kinda curious about for all ya.
What is your fave level of ANY Doom out there, and why?

P.S. this is prolly pointless, but at least it isn't spam!

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Well...it's a tie.

E1M5: the bloodbath aka Phobos Lab

E1M&: the bloodbath aka Computer Station

Both levels are badass levels with plenty of monsters, and lots of traps. Good designs.

I actually just got finished playing episode 1 all the way through, the room was totally dark, and with my Altec Lansing surround system up quite loud, and my frickin wall projector instead of my monitor (imagine 32 bit color on your wall in a 7 x 10 rectangle!).
But yeah...needless to say I was scared shitless on e1m5 and e1m7. The music, even though it's midi quality, adds alot to the mood.

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