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Guest Cacodemon Leade

Bad Toys 2 Progress...

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Guest Cacodemon Leade

I am making great progress. One thing, I will not rip graphics from Bad Toys, cause it hurts Tibo Software's pride, so I am doing all the graphics from scratch, with the exception of graphics from other games (Except Bad Toys and Serious Sam).

The order of Characters I will work on? Well:

Flynn Taggart (Done)
Linna (5% Done)
Duke Nukem (Not started)
Jill Valentine (Not started)

As for sounds, I will be using sounds from Bad Toys, and many other sounds as well. When I finish level 1, I will release a public beta.

Update: Ralphis, don't try to stop me from using one of the characters in the TC okay?!?!?!?!?

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