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Guest mwlin

Level Editor Question

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Guest mwlin

Is there any way I can combine the "hexen.wad" files and "hexdd.wad" files into ONE 51-LEVEL WAD FILE?

And when I finish Level 31 I automatically go to Level 32 (which WOULD be Level 1 of DKOTDC)

Is this possible? And if yes what level editor should I use?

I would also be interested in doing this for Doom so I can combine Doom I and Doom II into one WAD file.

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MAPs 33-38 have the same name and they are different levels.

There are also overriden DEMOx, WINx, CLUSx and some other duplicates - may or may not matter. Scripting conflicts can cause problems.

You need to edit MAPINFO and rename the levels to have all of them. Don't know if you can get it all to work though?

Other than that, DeePsea can merge those together using the F7 Import/Merge tool. The next release will permit IWAD vs PWAD designations- since it now forces a PWAD (could be played) - so hold on a bit.

You can combine DOOM & DOOM II but only for ZDOOM. Regular DOOM/II bombs the sky (and all the levels have to be renamed). Again this is for the -next- release which lets any name be a level (since a lot of ports now support that).

For examplem, in ZDOOM the level names can stay the same - use the +MAP command to replace the default -warp in the next DeePsea to launch ZDOOM or type it in manually now.

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