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Zeratul 982

Yet another update...

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I just uploaded another updated version of my wad. The errors on map06 are fixed, and maps 4 and 6 now have deathmatch capability. Map16 is updated as well. The name of the zip file is the same as last time: "stonedmo.zip"
I also uploaded the version of my wad that contains elbryan42's PSX/N64 sounds. The name is "psxstone.wad".
I'll be uploading the wad with the Starcraft sounds on it as well, which will be named "scstone.wad".
So there will be 3 different versions of my wad in the ftp soon.

Speaking of names, how about "Stone Stratagems" for a name of the wad?

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Same place is last time. They're either in here:
...or here:

They're in my upload folder. It they're not in there, look in "Zeratul 982" located in the "wads" dir., or ask elbryan42 where he put them.

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