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Zeratul 982

My wad locations pt. 2

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My wad demo (stonedmo.zip), my single player/deathmatch map (evilhome.zip), and the version of my wad that contains the PSX/N64 sounds (psxstone.wad) are located here:
ftp://doom:doom@doom.wrong.button.com/wads/Zeratul 982/

My attempt to upload the version of my wad that contains the Starcraft sounds has failed due to loss of the server's connection. It stopped at 90%, and it will take me another 45 minutes to do it again. Damn, I hate it when it does that!

The PSX/N64 and Starcraft sound conversions (newsnds2.wad & scdoom.wad) are located here:
ftp://doom:doom@doom.wrong.button.com/doom replacement sounds/
Look in the folder "Zeratul 982's sound wads."

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