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Guest fragg

a Doom3 Rumor...a News-Story...and a Fact

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Guest fragg

I don't know if any of this stuff is worth posting, but you guys are all interested in D3, so here it is.

A Doom3 "Rumor" (seen on couple game forums)....
John Carmack was disturbed by some "negative responses" to Id's Tokyo presentation of Doom3 screenies.
Particularly, about complaints like "its too dark".
So he decided to clam up about game, told everyone to give "no info" and "show nothing".

A Doom3 News-Story (April 3).....
Rounded Entertainment story says people eagerly awaiting this years big E3 Show (May) will be disappointed if they think they're gonna see D3 stuff.
Doom3 screenies or info will not be on display at a public booth. And won't be shown behind closed doors either.
The Story claims that Id's focus will be on "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" and the new GameBoy Color version of "Commander Keen".
It claimed that the development stage of them is "apparently far advanced" towards completion and Id is pushing hard to finsh them.

A Doom3 Fact....
Bluesnews then called Id for info about that.
Apparently Id's CEO Todd Hollenshead was not pleased. "I don't know where that Story came from."
Blue must have pushed a little, because Hollenhead then ended conversation with remark "I doubt we will show anything from DOOM at E3 this year."

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I think some one already posted something about Doom not being at E3, but the thing about Commander Keen for the Game Boy is news to me (I know I'll be getting that one).

The 'rumor' you have there is probably true since there has been a lot of commotion over the fact that the video was too dark.

Also, I thought Id already came out with Return to Castle Wolfenstein (I saw it on Extended Play, and I haven't really been paying much attention to new PC games recently, focusing on consoles).

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Guest fragg

You say Return to Wolf is out? If you come across it, let me know, OK? I'd really like to give it a shot. I'll bet its cool. Thanks.

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Guest JelloBiafra

Nope, it sure hasn't come out yet, although it will be a very damn cool game when it does. I've been looking at some screenshots for it over at this achtung: wolfenstein site (or something like that) here's the address http://www.3dap.com/wolfenstein/
I'd say it looks pretty cool so far. I'm looking forward to the Medal of Honor PC game, that looks like it will be pretty cool as well. As for the doom video being "too dark" I'd have to say that I personally thought it looked friggin' awesome, the lighting looked awesome, and the models were fantastic. So, that's about it.

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