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A Question About Mouse-Sensitivity

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Well I hoping to get an answer from some of you oldschool DooMGod's. (skip this first meanless bs and get to my question at the bottom :)


As of recently, me and a few others have been working on our oldschool game, playing at the "Zone" across their ipx simulation. We normally run doom2.exe(ipxsetup) to connect each other. Getting the mouse just like it would be in normal dos mode(no mouse accel) was a feat... Now, I've always used a program, mouspeed, to cut the vertical sensitivty in half. Which works fine in a dos-window too. However, I have a sound problem which doesn't seem to want to work out, that only occurs in a dos-window. So I am abandoning doom2.exe unless on on a pure dos machine or in a pure dos environment.


To connect from now on, I shall use Doom95.exe.. Mainly because it uses directx which works out my sound. And it's better suited for the win95/98 environment. Although that doom2.exe holds a special place in my heart.. I don't think it will get much use unless its at a lan party.

Here's my Question:

Does anyone know how to cut vertical sensitivity in Win95/98? A program maybe? Registry editing? Something? I'm not that picky about my mouse as long as there is NO mouse accel, turns me 2 1/4 across the mouse pad, and vertical sensitivity is divided atleast by half... Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hey...tell me if you havn't recived any prog already, and I'll mail you one by Istvan Pataki that will turn of vertical sensitivity in a dos window.
(you just type "novert" in DOS or a DOS window for turning it on,
and type "novert /u" to turn it off)

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Oh, I have novert. The problem wasn't removing the vertical sensivitity in a dos-window for doom2.exe.

It was removing it from the windows ver of doom95.exe... Its not even a problem anymore since you can't connect a doom95.exe to doom2.exe on the "ZoneLAN"(althought works fine on a regular network by just changing -port)

So I will keep on using doom2.exe with the weird sound problems :)

Thanks for your info Andy,


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