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Fast, Furious 1st Person Shooter Idea.

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Think Honey I shrunk the kids.
You're a scorpion. A small, deadly read or black scorpion that shoots venom doused stingers from his tail. You cruise around at 90MPH scale speed with giant pincers swaying side to side as you run about chopping up beetles, ants, other different sized/venom potency scorpions, small toads, snakes, small rodents etc. etc.

Your view would bob when running and you'd be able to adjust your speed. The faster you'd run, the faster your view would bob. When running fast, your view would yaw to each side if you were to make a sharp turn at high speed.
The scroll button on the mouse would control how fast you be running. There would be 10 speeds. (scroll up - you go faster, scroll down, you go slower)

Not only would your mission be to fend off enemies (slaughter any opposition) but it would also be about staying alive: having to eat foods would add an element of time you can spend battling baddies. You would have a health meter and a hunger meter. Eating certain "bonus" foods would slow your metabolism so that you wouldn't have to eat as much. There would also be poisonous foods you'd have to watch out for: ones that make you sick, quicken your metabolism, and do other nasty things to you. These could also be bonus foods you could use on other scorpions. Other "bonus" foods would make you run faster. Bonus foods filled with calcium would make your shell stronger: equivalent to picking up armor in DOOM.

Your metabolism would operate faster at speed 10 than it would at speed 1. Being slow and stealthy would have its strategic benefits: you'd have more time before having to find a meal. But the game would have areas where being fast would be necessary: your enemies would vary a lot on how fast they could move. Other "bonus" foods would make your venom more potent and shoot more venom per attack and make it so you can shoot more frequently as well depending on what sort of bonus food you get. Killing other, more powerful/larger scorpions would be the main and best bonus food you could get: kinda like picking up the shotgun after killing a Seargent, only the more enemy scorpions you kill, the more your venom potency and amount accumilates.

Finally, you'd be able to choose between 2 (maybe more) scropions you could be. Larger ones would have less venom and less potent venom while smaller ones would have more. Your view of everything would be different if you were to be a large scorpion. You'd be able to climb trees if you were a small scropion, but wouldn't be if you were larger.

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Guest Nuno Correia

Thumbs up.

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