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Guest PoorRichard

**Please Help!**

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Guest PoorRichard


Ok, so, like a lot of you I played Doom/Doom2 when they were new games. The memories of me playing coop Doom2 with a buddie via a 14.4 to 14.4 connection are good ones and are what prompt the following question. Thanks in advance for any help.

I would like to (if possible) run a dedicated Doom2 coop server.
The box is only a p2-350/128mb/T1 but I would imagine that is very much overkill. So my question is: Is there a Doom2 port, one that supports OpenGL (for clients obviously) that can run a dedicated coop server?? Does such a best exist?

A second, related, question: What is the *most popular* port/version of Doom2 for internet play (regardless of how it relates to the requirments of my first question)?

frag on

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Your choices are CSDoom (the most popular so would get most hits) zdaemon or skulltag all need zdoom to perform, so links are :
http://www.truelights.com (for zdaemon)

I think my post speaks for itself, zdoom is the most popular port used for internet play

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