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Lost Soul

Oh Zaldron.. and Nightmare.

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I realize this subject goes back to a post that is ages old and resulted in a minor flaming between some people, but I put a response in with hopes of getting a reply from either Zaldron, or Nightmare I think his name was... whoever Zaldron kept referring to. In any case, this deals with the Doom Novels.
Now, IMHO, the first 2 in this series were just great, but the last 2 just plain sucked, and in a lot of places, if not in the entirety, just didn't make any sense at all. But I remember Zaldron was saying that they were all just pure crap and bad literature, which is fine. They very well might be, and I am unaware. I also remember that it was either Zaldron, or Nightmare who cited some 'Killer Examples' that proves just how bad these were. Now I would like to know these examples, if that's not too much trouble! If anything, I guess I'm one of the few who would like to discuss these without it leading into a flaming. Any examples anyone?

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I don't remember giving any examples, but I did have a list of five or six things that were wrong with them.

One of them was lack of characterisation, I can't remember the rest off the top of my head though.

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