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Yo, thanks for provin' my theory, doomworld!!

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Anyways, now dat I got dat out mah system, let me explain myself:

A while back (when I first started postin' mah stuff up in dis piece!) I released my doom 64 sounds pack. I also mentioned dat when I tried this about a year earlier, I got flamed to all hell from all directions for saying dat doom 64 ruled, and was better than doom 2. It was just my personal opinion, but a lot of ya'll decided to be mothafuckas about it! So I left da scene, but although I didn't post nuttin', I kept an eye on everything dat was goin' on!

When I saw a few posts about people taking an interest in doom 64, I decided to do somethin' for da "community" and post up my stuff. I figured maybe peoples opinions about doom 64 had finally changed, and dat most of da pricks had left da scene! But, although a ton of people asked me to email the zip to them, only a handful had any manners or common courtesy at all, and bothered to say "thanks!"

Then some of those same people had da nerve to flame me for da way I write! Dis was started primarily by nightmare and stphrz (stphrz, payback is comin' soon, bitch!). I won dat war, and most of the peeps who was hatin' on me, became cool wit me! The exceptions being stprz, nightmare, pickle hammer, and ralphis (I can't remember any more, there may be one or two dat I'm missin!)

Pickle hammer rarely posts here, and was cussed out by me twice! He never replied, and had da same ip address as sir fragsalot (care ta explain dis? Is he really yo brother?)

Ralphis got cussed out by a shipload of peeps and eventually said he was leaving da community for a while (which turned out to be about 2 days!). Me and him is cool now!

Stphrz is da moderator of newdoom.com, and still acts like a little overly-sensitive bitch all da time. Giving out info on his half-assed ideas and morals, which almost NO ONE agress wit!

Nightmare, plain and simple, is a prejudiced asshole. If you ain't down wit him, and won't agree wit his ideas about how da community should be, he don't like ya! And to top it off, after
he insults da way I talk, he attempts to be more of a queen by mimicking me in his signature! FUCKIN' PRICK!

But, I'm gettin' off subject! A while ago, ELBRYAN42 started an ftp! An ftp which now takes up several gigs of his PERSONAL COMPUTER SPACE! And while people take shit of it constantly, and upload their shit, only a handful have actually said "thank you"
to him, or shown any appreciation! In fact, on newdoom, they have an article posted about him (FINALLY! someone give him credit, took long enough! AND YES, I DO KNOW DAT STPHRZ WROTE DA ARTICLE!)

I also constantly see peeps sayin' newbie dis, and oldie dat! Talkin' down about da newer people on da forum, IN GENERAL! Like they is all alike or some shit! Yet, zarcyb goes out of his way and starts an oldies forum, and guess what happens:
1)ALMOST no one says thank you to him at all!
2)dat place is dead as fuck!

Now those same people come back here, and bitch about the insane number of redundant posts that they see!! Meanwhile, they have a place with very few posts, and they say it is too quiet and dead for them! What Da fuck!!!

Lastly, most of the people here are constantly talkin' down about newdoom! Yet when some peeps like stphrz showup, everyone seems fine with them, while they can't stand others for no apparent reason! Instead of tryin'ta befriend our neighbor, ya'll try to fry them with a flame war, and then try to claim that they are NOT A TRUE DOOM SITE! Who died and made some of ya'll gods!?

What Am I getting at... well several things:
1)Most of the peeps in doomworld is ingrateful pricks, who take and take, but don't show gratitude to nobody!
2)You guys would rather start a flame war and talk shit, than help others out (my post and the 30+ replies dat suddenly appeared prove dat!) or make new shit!
3)Some of ya'll think you be better than others, and only because you have been here longer!
5)Instead of expanding like newdoom has, you seek to keep out others!
6)All ya'll talk about is doom! God forbid if someone talks about quake 2 or duke! I know this is doomworld, but IT DOESN'T HURT TO CHANGE DA SUBJECT ONCE IN A BLUE MOON!
7)These forums don't have half da life dat newdoom's does!

While Information, and arrangement wise I like doomworld better, newdooms forums blow this one away! Don't get me wrong linguica and mordeth, you two is da bomb and have done an awesome job! But the members of dis "community" need to stop bein' such hardesses, and closeminded, and wake da fuck up!!!

Believe it or not, when I first came on, I was only gonna post for a short while! But when a bunch of fags decided ta start a war wit me, I decided to stay on, just to prove dat I could and dat their words ain't shit to me! Ya'll haters (yes, you nightmare and stphrz! As for da rest, ya'll know who you are) fucked yoselves!!! Congratulations, fuckheads!!!

The decent peeps like macvilewhore, rubilacxe, deathwarrior, elbryan42, sir fragsalot, and anyone else I missed, post less and less here! Why? Because they are sick of all this bullshit! The way some of you "oldies" are going, you're gonna bring dis place down, and make newdoom da place to be (check da number of posts they got compared to us! They is blowin' us away!). Dat Place is already a lot more lively than this one!

I will be gettin' an account over there soon (even though dat hoe stphrz is one of da moderators, fuck him!), and will be postin' up there too! I am here to have fun, and most of us sure as fuck ain't havin' it here! You notice dat I always put community in quotes (""). WHY? Simple.. BECAUSE THERE SURE AS FUCK AIN'T NO TOGETHERNESS UP IN HERE! IT'S ME BEING SARCASTIC!

Let me close by saying... THANK YOU Linguica and mordeth for all your hard work on doomworld! Keep yo heads high and don't let bitches and whiners bring you down wit their shit! Fuck an oldies forum, let them stop actin' like spoiled bitches! You two have done more than enough already, it's time dat ya'll got some recognition for your work, rather than insults!

And thanks to you elbryan42 and zarcyb, for all your efforts at improving things here! And thank you to elbryan42 (again!), macvilewhore, rubilacxe, deathwarrior, nightmare imp, cacodemon leader, sir fragsalot, mewse, and anyone else I missed, for yo support through dat entire "flame war of da ghetto nigga!" Ya'll is mah true peeps in here!

Thanks you to peeps like don incognito, for tryin' to bring life to this dying, drab forum! Fodders, you is aight, but you can't translate for shit, and can be annoyin! Try and translate dis post (don't it's too long jackass!) :P

To peeps like ralphis, geekmarine, and x-doom who I had problems wit in da past, but made up with: We cool, ya'll! Keeps ya heads up, and don't let da assfucks bring ya down! I ain't gonna forget ya'll, you guys is mah peeps too (yes, even you ralphis!) :P

As for lamers like mwline, pickle hammer and demon boy, who post fowl shit towards peeps, or ask for warez... CUT DA SHIT OR BOUNCE OUTTA HERE! PEEPS LIKE YOU MAKE SHIT WORSE THAN IT ALREADY IS AROUND HERE!

And as for haters like nightmare, and bigmouths like stphrz, and the rest of ya'll still hatin' on me, let me just say...

Well, I'll be around (although a lot less) so see all mah peeps when I sees ya again! I'm gonna be busy wit my new J-O-B, mah girl, and all mah boys, so I ain't gonna be here much! As for ya'll who don't know me, and is considered newbies: keep ya head up, post yo shit, but delete them multi-posts, and tell these niggas what da fuck is up! That's it and I'm out! Later ya'll!

P.S. I used da word nigga twice... I mean three times, stphrz! Are ya gonna cry yet? See ya on newdoom, bitch! (For ya'll who don't know: the way I use da word nigga it is slang! IT IS NOT RACIST, I AM PUERTO RICAN FOR GOD'S SAKE, AND MAH BEST FRIEND IS BLACK! I WAS RAISED IN BROOKLYN, NY!)

P.P.S. FLAME ME!!! Heh, heh, heh! If ya'll feels like it, I need some shit to laugh at! But if ya feels me, let me know too! I got nuthin' but love, baby! And I don't want no beef wit no one... except maybe nightmare's punk ass! If I forgot anyone, I am truly sorry yo! Much love goes out to ya!

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esco said:

Let me close by saying... THANK YOU Linguica and mordeth for all your hard work on doomworld! Keep yo heads high and don't let bitches and whiners bring you down wit their shit! Fuck an oldies forum,


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Hey Esco. Nice to know I'm not the only one who's pissed off. I would like to thank you and everyone else who contributed to doomworld and the ftp in the last few months. Doomworld still is kinda homey to me and I still come here often (though not as much as I used to). Thanks to Ling and everyone else responsible to everyone else responsible for one of the best sites around! Thanks also to everyone who's keeping the spirit of Doom alive! The newbies are just about the only ones that actually talk about Doom anymore.

Thank you to Stphrz from Newdoom for showing interest in the ftp. You never know, if people start showing more appreciation there than here, I might relocate.

And to everyone who is ruining this wonderful place, SCREW YOU! Two months ago, people still cared about Doom, now, everyone's bashing each other, and talking about newbies. We were all newbies once, so cut them some slack. Let them find their place here (except for the ones asking for warez).

About a week or 2 ago, I posted an anti-Goldeneye thread and it got more repies than a thread asking what people thought of the contributions people are making to doomworld. The results made me sick. Much like Esco's little test.

I'll see you all around... for now. Pull your head out of your asses and look around for once, and give thanks where it's due, for fleeping sake.

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oh fucking yeah,tell em like it is!
im one your side against some of them jerky dick heads,such as the ones you mentioned,spill out yer heart and guts and lay the smackdown on all there candy ass's like doom does on duke nukem!
Sides,i signed up at newdoom a few weeks ago cuase I was getting tierd of all this b.s about what to post or not,know what im saying?And even at zarcy ol boy's doom veterans,im scarce there,but im not gonna make the same mistakes I did here,cuase like you said in yer post and thats the truth.

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Guest Nuno Correia

Shut up. (/me gets ready to have his living shit beaten off)

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Yeah...Right....Like we didn't say thanx to ZarcyB. Have you ever heard of IRC or Email? I remember people tahking hjim at IRC.

And for Newdoom. Their Rants And Raves forum is very much alive. But most of the posts are not even related to doom in any way?!

Yeah. Go ahead and leave if you can't stand up for yourself.

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Guest Nuno Correia
Shaviro said:

And for Newdoom. Their Rants And Raves forum is very much alive. But most of the posts are not even related to doom in any way?!

*ahem* Maonth, the R&R forum on NewDoom isn't supposed to be a Doom discussion forum.

And guys talking to themselves (coughkingreolcough) never makes a forum alive.

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Well, no. But that doesn't make it a better forum. They never talk in the doom forums.

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Guest Nuno Correia


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I am not prejudiced, that would be you, my "friend".


I have bi-sexual friends, gay friends, black friends, asian friends, indian friends (as in Indian indian, not American Indian), Welsh, Scottish and Irish friends, and friends from virtually every other county in England (Hampshire, Essex, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, Newcaste, Hertfordshire, Herefordshire, Nottinghamshire, etc, etc).

As I must have told you about ten times now (but then you are retarded, so I've gotta forgive you for forgetting), I do not have a problem with the way people TALK. I do, however, have a problem with the way certain people WRITE, especially when it isn't even the way they speak in real life (I strongly suspect you don't speak like that), and even more so when it's often barely comprehensible as some of your posts are.

And I'm sure even real "boyz from da hood" wouldn't WRITE like you do. You must have a really unskilled job (oh, you're on the Dole, right?), 'caus any skilled job sure as hell wouldn't let you get away with writing reports or even memos and such like that.

I'm also not emulating you in my signature. I actually started using the word "aight" before you did. It's in fact supposed to sound like Ali G, look him up on the internet if you don't know what I'm talking about. I have been known to "talk" like him long before you showed your ugly face, ask almost any of the old #doomroom crew.

I do not have a problem with all newbies. I have a problem when newbies act a) like total arseholes (such as yourself), b) make post upon post about stuff that's either stupid, irrelevant, or has obviously been posted a million times before, or c) there are more newbies than oldies, and the oldies start to leave.

And it's funny the number of people you call "haters", as you've done more "hating" (i.e. abusing people with offensive language) in your relatively short time here than anyone else here.

Oh, and about Newdoom, I personally don't have problem with the site itself, but the forums are just crap. You complain that we talk about Doom too much here, they barely ever talk about it at all. Please make it your mission to change that or something (i.e. sod off there permanently).

And by the way, if you seem to hate me so much, go and try tofind someone else in this community who hates me as much. Trust me, you won't. You're the first.

I haven't done any "hating" against you since the posts about your lack of language skills. But virtually every post I've made since then you've replied to, taking it as insult either to yourself or someone else, repeatedly making the same accusations even when I've proved you wrong.

You want some hating? Here it is then. You are an ignorant, arrogant, offensive, hormonal prick who should have been banned from here a long time ago.

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The following is intended as a remark to the general populace in these forums, not to anyone personally.

I'm going to have to ask all of you to start behaving towards eachother again. These forums are meant to be a meetingpoint for fellow Doomers, not as one's own platform to flame /insult other people. So, next time, take your crayons to your parent's wallpaper and stay the hell out this forum. Sjeez.

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Guest Fanatic

I know what you mean about receiving thanks for your hard work.

I don't get a whole lot of thanks for all the stuff I've done either. But that's how the internet is. People see stuff, use it, abuse it, throw it away, and move on to the next thing they see.

I keep going on with all the stuff I'm doing because I enjoy it. Like the level review site I'm designing, I've only received a comment on it from 4 people, yet the time and energy I'm putting into it is enough to justify selling the site as a professional application. But like I said, I do it because I think it will be cool, and it's fun to design.

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HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, HA, hee, hee... oh da heck wit it!

Thanks for provin' mah point, wanker (as you like to say)! But, instead of flamin' you to all hell I'll think I'm gonna actually do as someone asks for once (coughMORDETHahem, see above posts) and set da example by behavin! See if you can handle dat!

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Esco, I'll be glad to welcome you to the newdoom.com forums. Foul insults and violent threats won't be tolerated there however. There may not be as much Doom talk there as there is here, but it's a friendly place.

BTW, that was MY article on Newdoom about Elbryan's site. I've only been doing the news on Newdoom for a couple weeks :P Writing that article was one of the first orders of business I had in mind when I was offered the job.

So, yeah Esco, come at me. Give me all the "payback" you want...

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Sir Fragsalot said:

Yes, Pickle hammer _is_ my brother. We use the same computer.

Doomer is my brother and WE use the same computer.

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Guest deathwarrior

Well, I do actually post a lot (check my stats if ya dont believe me!), but since there is tons of new threads (mainly by people (Doomboy... for example) who think it's cool to annoy the shit outta everyone), my post arent usually seen or passed.

I dont usually make new topics, in fact, I rarely do. Just about all of my posts are replies.

I ain't sick of it, it's just because of some *AHEM* problems at home, which isn't getting me on the comps much. But to start a flamewar on newbies is kinda wrong. If they are really irritating (mass thread making, or random dissing i.e. FuckMordeth) then it is a perfect reason (in my opinion) to flame them. I'm not directing this to the newbies who don't post much or don't post useless threads, just the newbies who are... well...

I didn't like the flamewar of the way you speak, so I tried to back it up as best as possible. It's good that there is AT LEAST one person who types differently, it makes these forums... more alive.

The IRC channels I go to are very great. There isn't much flamewars on there, the people usually stick up another. The last flamewar I was involved in on IRC was between myself and Ralphis, because Ralphis thought I had told infirmity to set his "access level" on #unidoom to 15. He went off at me mostly, and then decided to dis ZarcyB and DoomFlynn... here's a snippet of it:

<Ralphis> you have zarcy coming in
<Ralphis> talking about sex all the time
<Ralphis> DF trying to cyber with every girl that comes around
<deathwarrior> how bout i completely remove you on the access list?
<Ralphis> you spamming up the topic with UAC ress stuff

<Ralphis|playingKirby> your a faggot zarcy
*** Ralphis|playingKirby was kicked by deathwarrior (oh shutup already)
<deathwarrior> seriously

that last paragraph above was the end of it.

Basiccly IRC is a great place to get away from the constant shit that happens here. People like DoomFlynn, ZarcyB, Mewse, Arioch, Quasar, RTC_Marine, Dest-01, Buckshot and Salazar are great to talk to on IRC.

Anyway, this "newbie flamewar" should end, unless someone comes up with a good reason to keep it going. And that was my 2 cents.

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Guest deathwarrior
Shaviro said:

Yeah...Right....Like we didn't say thanx to ZarcyB. Have you ever heard of IRC or Email? I remember people tahking hjim at IRC.

I definitely thanked him for putting up a UAC Resurrection forum.

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