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Hey Biffy Hey any Doomer into Strain

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Hey Biffy or anybody,can someone unpack strain and Email them to me. For some reason I cant get the unpack batch files to work I think it might be somthing to do with win98se. and dos. I even had my brother fool with it and he is good with dos and we still could not get it to run. anyways I would really be thankful if some one could do this favor. ps. I cant find the wad Tei tenga and uac-dead classic. Thanks PRS\66

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Heh, like I said, those strain unpack instructions are a bit complicated. My first attempt failed, then I got it right. You have to fully specify the path to the folder where it's being unpacked. I had the files in a c:\games folder, and made a strain subfolder. Then when I first tried to unpack, I typed the destination folder as "strain", thinking it could be seen from the games folder, and in a DOS sense, it can. But, the unpack batch file needs the FULL path. I had to type c:\games\strain as the destination, and it was successful.

Now, you can forget this useless information thanks to Railgunner's contribution!

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