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Level names

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Hey, I just found a wadded-up piece of paper here by my desk. It has a lot Doom1 level names on it.
The date says 3/4/99, which is about a month after I got my computer.
I think at that time I wanted to amke a bunch of levels for Ultimate Doom, but I've tried level-designing and it's quite hard.
Oh well, without further ado, here are the level names:
1. Base Command Center
2. Computer Facility
3. Weapons Storage
4. Base Laboratory
5. Into Hell's Maw
6. Fire and Flames
7. Eternal Damnation
8. Castle of Sin
9. Damned Keep
10. The Portal
So, about 4 UAC-style levels, and the Base Lab one is the one that takes into Hell. The Portal, the final Hell level is the one takes you back to Mars.

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Take a look at my level names:


Linguica has a level name creator as well.

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