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MACPACK Wads uploaded to elbryan's ftp

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My mp3 wads, doom64 sprite wad (no monster sprites yet) , and sound wad pack has been uploaded to my dir in the uploads section on elbryans ftp.

PLEASE READ THE READMES for each thing, as they will help you to get the fullest enjoyment out of it, and each wad is a seperate download, for your conveniance.

I hope you enjoy my wads, they took me a long time to do.

P.S. please try to ignore the grammatical error terror in the post, I had to do this quickly because i'm on my way out with some friends.

See yas


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Long time no see, gawd! Where ya been at?

P.S, I'll check out yo wads sometime dis week!

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Guest deathwarrior

i saw him on IRC... umm, 2 days ago.

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