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Zeratul 982

Elbryan42: Uploading pt. 2

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I think I'll try to explain my uploading difficulties.
Trying to upload is frustrating over here. Whenever I attempt to upload a file, it usually freezes or times out like I already told you once. Whenever I upload, I always have to have a browser window open so in case if the uploading times out, I have to almost constantly reload a web page being displayed on the browser in order to "wake up" the signal. Once it times out without me refreshing a browser window, it will not regain signal and will lose the ftp server connection. Somethimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I don't have the patience to watch and make sure that a xx MB file will successfully upload, like that "stonepak" zip file I tried to upload about 5 times.

At least I received some reason why we're having so much problems. Our ISP told us that the phone lines in our city are bad. That's some explanation why this 56k will only do 28.8 kbps or less instead of 44.1 kbps like most should. The funny thing is that it used to work under that speed once, but they moved to a different location and it seemed to slow down at the same time they did. As soon as they get DSL available over here, we'll probably switch sometime, but not immediately, and maybe I won't have so much problems.

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here's a suggestion:
you can put up the small wads seperately. we have the first 16 in one huge wad, and we can easily add more wads to the command line. then after you're done another 2 levels or so, you can upload the ss wad. it'll save you some headaches.

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