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dooming systems

what do u doom on?  

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  1. 1. what do u doom on?

    • 486 or less
    • pentium/AMD 60-200mhz
    • pentium 2/AMD 200-450mhz
    • pentium 3/AMD 450-1300Mhz
    • Pentium 4/AMD 1300mhz and up
    • game system( SNES/32X/GBA/PSX)

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i use a 486 (120Mhz) the 32x( hell havnt played it in a long time) the GBA, my currnet system a 450Mhz P3. i have a pentium 166 and 200 sitting here yet doom is only played on them durrning lan parties.

i like the 486 system cause i have done some funky moding to it. overclocked to 120Mhz from 100, but it runs like a pentium class. also a voodoo2 card helps it tool. it even runs games that would not run on my 486 90mhz system. on the 90 tombraider ran at 1 fps. however on my funky 486( without voodoo2) it ran similar to a pentium of the same clock speed. i used a new AMD 486DX4/100 cpu, newer ram, new VESA v-card (now with a PCI voodoo2) also i had a friend partly MOD the mainboard.

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