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Don Incognito

Zdeamon Site?

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Guest Cop999

his name is NightFang.

yea, ive noticed it, maybe theres a problem with his server

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Yeah, maybe its about time I let you all know whats going on.

You see...without warning or any prior notice my host (nozone.net) shut truelights.com down and wont open it until he gets another yearly payment.

This of course it quite gay,...its going to take a few days for the payment to get to him and re-active the site. Of course, this entire thing could have been avoided if the admin could have sent a email just saying "payment is due soon".

Oh well, truelights.com is not closed for good and ZDaemon is still going strong. Truelights.com should be back up again sometime (hopefully) this weekend.

Oh...one last thing. All truelights.com email addresses are down as well, so if you sent a email to nightfang@truelights.com, that means I never got it. If you want to send me some mail, the address is 'wsean@home.com'.

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