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doom.wrong.button.com - weekly update!

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This week's toons are up. Note that Freakazoid eps 1 & 2 will be up until Sunday nite.

As well, I cleaned out the upload directories. In the wads directory you can find Macvilewhore's sound & macpack music wads. As well, in the new "miscellaneous" directory, I added Gore's remixed .it files (they'll play in winamp) of Duke Nukem & Korn music. They're definitely worth a listen.

Also, in the source ports section, there is the newest version of Prboom, as well as the King Elvis's newest version of his Prboom frontend.

Finally, if you remember from a month or so ago, a few people were looking for the voices.wad file from Strife. Since I own Strife, I have added the file from my cd. It's in the miscellaneous directory, in the zip file "strife voices.zip".

That's it for this week (I think). Once again, Enjoy! And once again, please let me know what you think, send me suggestions, contribute something. Please. Talk at you wacky bunch later.

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Guest Cacodemon Leade

Hey now I've got voices.wad to go along with strife. Now I rebeated the boss and I watched the best ending and the ending was way better like uh... ...kickass!

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Guest TR@C3R

You want some feedback? Man, you can have it! YOUR FTP IS GODDAMN CRAZY COOL! .. That must be about 20gigs.. and all bannerfree.. is there any access restriction?.. I wonder what you are paying for the traffic on it?
Aye, anyway: keep it up! ;)
By the way: I see you store toon episodes there. Is there any need for some Futurama ones in a foreign language?

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Guest deathwarrior

hey elb, check my upload dir.

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