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Anyone got a DECENT DooM winamp skin?

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I have finally started using winamp again, after having to do without it for 3 months due to it causing an Illegal-op loop on exit. I tracked down the cause and can now avoid the problem.

But anyway, does anyone here have a good DooM skin for it?

The three I found on the winamp site are pretty boring, and most of the other stuff that showed up when I searched for DooM was stupid anime crap.

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Drat said:


Just had to throw that word in there, didn't you?

In that case, NO.

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Guest PFCRon

I got one, it's called DOOMAMP, just the logo in the background, lightning bolt in the corner replaced by the player graphic, volume tabs are skull switches, and the scroll needle is a rocket. You want it? I can e-mail it (don't remember where I got it).

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