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Another annoying newbie question

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I'm sorry that you have to deal with this, but it is the only way I'll find out.

What is ZDoom? Skulltag? The Master Levels?

What is this stuff? As far as I was concerned, all there was to me was Doom, Doom2, and Ultimate Doom. I OBVIOUSLY need to be updated on this stuff.

Not having an internet connection at home sucks.

Thanks for your time.

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ZDOOM: http://zdoom.notgod.com
Skulltag: http://www.doomworld.com/Skulltag
The Master Levels: http://www.idsoftware.com

You'll find all the needed information there.

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Dont worry if it's annoying, tis no big deal.

Z Doom is port with enhancments such as transparency and camera views,it has a console and new resolutions etc.

Skull Tag? I dunno,never played it.

Master Levels is a wad pack made by id software with tons more of other wads from elsewhere.I think it's 21 levels or something close to that have been created by id software.


Nightmare Imp

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Guest Cacodemon Leade

I like Skull Tag. Including the Free Hissy Edition. Master Levels I don't have but I'd like to have it!

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Bah, I can answer your formally.

The Ultimate Doom is Doom v1.9, the difference is the version number and a bonus episode. If your Doom only has 3 episodes download the free patch from idSoftware.com

Final Doom is a 2 episode (64 levels) expansion upon Doom 2.

The Master Levels are a set of really good levels created by id and fans of id.

The Doom source code has been released, and since then people have been building off of it.

Boom was the first major source port, it added TONS of new features.

Marine's Best Friend (MBF) was a continuation of Boom, adding things like hi-resolutions and more features.

DosDoom evolved into EDGE, which is by far the most customizable Doom engine available. A good Edge coder can have multiple floors and 60 guns (each with alt-fires), if he wanted.

Legacy is another great port, that focuses on netplay (32 players at once!) and graphics. IMO it's the best OpenGL accellerated Doom port.

zDoom is a great port (also my favorite). It has most of the features of Boom, all of the features of MBF and a ton of swank features of it's own. All you need to do is download it and unzip it right into your Doom directory to enjoy all of it's benefits.

csDoom is a port of zDoom that allowed easy internet play. It was a little buggy but IT WORKED. =)

zDaemon is an unofficial continuation of csDoom that greatly improves speed and stablility (it's the one I use for online play).

Skulltag is a port of zDaemon (still with me? ;) that features Q3A-like internet play, including the medals and railgun and all. It's undergoing a major change right now and will no longer be named Skulltag. If fact, there's a contest to name it you can get involved in.

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