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nightmare imp

DOOM merchandise?

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I know I know,some people in here may complain.Sorry to all who will cry about this queston, but suck it up.

Are there any DOOM action figures?
Im not talking about the stainless steel casts ones or whatever,I mean like models or figures like Tod Mcfarlens Spawn figures and them Resident Evil figures?

Is there a better DOOM comic books out there?Not the shitty one,im talking about an awsome one...

Not the Doom funnys or the ones made by whats his name with them shapes.

How about Doom posters,not ones from the net,like wall posters?

-----Nightmare Imp-----

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There are pewter figures. There's the one cyberdemon one that came with the id anthology and there are others. Just don't know where to get them. My local anime store doesn't know where to get them.

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The pewter figures and the "steel" ones refered to are one and the same I think. I have the Cyberdemon mentioned and it clearly states on it that it is a Reaper miniature.

Reaper are the company that made all the doom white metal figures. My local wargaming shop is run by a guy who is heavily into miniatures, and used to be in the business. He contacted Reaper. The figures are discontinued, and they were unable even to cast a few more as a favour (they have done so before for him apparently) as there was some legal issue about license expiry or something.

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