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Five years of NiGHTMARE - Now with screenies!

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Next month I'll have been in the Doom community for a whole five years (I remember because I got on-line exactly a month before my birthday on June 11th), so I'll be releasing some stuff to celebrate. This may or may not include:

- Paradox demo (the first level; I'm pretty much certain this will be done)

- Execution: ZDoom edition demo (the first level; this is definate, as it's already finished :) )

- Skull Surge demo (the first capture the flag level; most likely will be released)

- Morbid DM double pack (also definate, as I basically just need to put the two levels together in one .wad)

- Return to the Realms Again (one level tribute to my old Realms of Pain DM .wad, not very finished)

- nmtext3 (!)

Update: check out http://haunt.8m.com for Afterglow style screenshots of Execution: ZDoom edition, Paradox and Skull Surge.

Also, everything except nmtext3 will require ZDoom.

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Wooooh dude.. 5 years? I guess that makes me a newbie again. ;)
BTW. Great idea to release some stuff!! Let it be an example for everyone here.

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Guest fragg

Congratulations, N/M....
Wow - 5years!!
You're a real pillar of Doom community, always helping, always releasing new stuff.
Big thanks from myself, and I'm sure from everyone else.
BTW, do you think you might do some Gameboy levels for money?
They want to hire guys like you, if interested.

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SaGa said:

not a newbie just very young in the comunity.

Congrats Baker. Keep up the good work.

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Afterglow said:

WTF is "Afterglow-style"?

Hey man, you've got STYLE!

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Guest Vicious

Hey, wassup people?

I am the original moderator of Execution, which was released nearly a year ago. From that point on I thought the idea on the ZDoom edition was trashed.

By the way, WHERE'S CRUCIFIED DREAMS?? I remember that I have quite a few of my original midis still hanging around...

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Crudreams is sitting on my lonely hard drive crying to be released... but I keep it down... The Man just always beats you down. I'll hopefully finish it this summer semester if I'm not as swamped with work as I think I will.

Stphrz: baby, I know I got style. I just resenting the fact Nick tried to compare his sorry-self to me. :D

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