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A little history first. As some of you know, I been affluent with the DM wad making. One wad I made a while ago titled dw12.wad - why is writing so hard... In the wad demos would go out of sync after a certain amount of time. The person who is concerned with this replied to an email about it:

Regarding dw12 versions & out-of-sync demos:
Man, this is so bizarre. I played and recorded a 10 min with bots, and a 30 min game with bots in dw12d.
[Cause dw12 versions went out of sync at 4 min, and other wads i know go goofy after 23 min into demo.]

Both recordings played fine!!! I was so thrilled.
T H E N .......... for a double-check,
I played bots in the original dw12 {"dw12.wad"}.
FUCK. The recording of it played ok

So why would demos of dw12 be out-of-sync from on-line play, but ok solo?

To play and record in dw12, i used the line:
zdoom -nomusic -nomonsters -deathmatch -warp 02 -record 3 -file dw12

So as his question states, why do the demos go outta sync in a real game againsts live opponents (we play on Doom Connector) but not against bots?

The other question is why aren't there instructions on how to upload files to /newstuff? Why am I the only idiot who can't figure it out?

I got the .zip with the necessary .txt file in it along with the wad (and a demo) and am all ready to upload. I have BPFTP to upload the file with and I know what folder in ftp://3darchives.in-span.net/pub/idgames/ to upload it to but I don't know how to log into the site in order to browse to the folder I need to upload to and then upload the file. I tried logging anonymosly(sp.) but it won't log in.

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question 1:
I think there are 3 different possible scenarios here.
a) Something with the wad is screwed up so that demos recorded
on the map go out of synch sometimes, (a la requiem map21).

b) There is a bug in the demo code in zdoom.

c) You're somehow trying to playback the demo with a different version wad or .exe

question 2:
the correct place to upload is:

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Thanks Erik.

Regarding Question 1. I think it's prolly both b) and c) The zdoom's recording code is prolly a bit buggy and there's something about the wad that causes it to go outta sync. Any ideas on what sorta things in wads cause demos to go out of sync?

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maps with lots of unused excess material (sidedefs, linedefs, sectors) seem to suffer alot from desynch problems.

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