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Guest Malachai

Doom Community Survey: Favorite DooM Music?

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Guest Malachai

I'm sure at one point everyone has asked or answered this question, but I'm going to bring it up again, because I noticed on an earlier post, someone was asking what everyone's fav console version of DooM is. So I'm going to ask, for any console, any mod, anything DooM, what is your guys' absolute track or selection of music from DooM? I'd have to say mine is from that level in Doom64, when you start in that huge arena with the red mist...I think the level was called "Watch Your Step". Oh well, it brings back the old days...I also loved a lot of the PSX DooM music too. I can't even start with the specifics, because a good 2/3s of it was great. It was the type of stuff that made you regret ending the level because you want to live the DooM experience forever...heh. :)

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This topic was brought up by me about 2 months ago. I'd have to pick the PSX Doom music. The tracks are more unique than the N64. Some N64 tracks I can't live without though. All spooky music. The midis... well I like them as the mp3s, sampled on a Roland Soundscape. Good thing I turned it into a wad. I may make some wads of the N64 music when I get time.

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D_E1M8, D_DDTBLU, D_BUNNY, D_E2M7, D_E2M8, D_RUNNIN, D_READ_M, D_IN_CIT, D_SHAWN, D_VICTOR, D_E1M5, D_E2M1, D_E1M1, D_E3M1 ... in no particular order, except for the first 2, which are my favorites.

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Doom: E1M2, E1M5, E2M4, E2M6, E2M8*, E3M2
*(SNES) One time, I couldn't find the cyberdemon. I then looked behind me and there it was quickly approaching me. At the instant I saw it, the percussion part started playing.

Doom 2: D_THE_DA, D_ROMERO, D_MESSAG, D_OPENIN (regardless of the annoying pitch-bending error)

PSX Doom: Phobos Lab, Deimos Lab, Hell Keep, Pandemonium, Unholy Cathedral, Hell Beneath

Doom 64: Tech Center, Dark Citadel, Eye of the Storm, Spawning Fear

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Guest Nuno Correia

D_E1M2, D_E2M3, D_E3M8, D_STALKS... the D_s were there just to sound 1337 :P

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For me
Original Doom1:
E1m8 (and e3m4 by logic)

Original Doom2:
Map05's music

Memento Mori 1 mod for doom2:
Map07's music (and by logic, map19's too)
Map10's music (and by logic, map32's too).

Memento Mori 2 mod for doom2:
Map30's music

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Guest Ressurected

Hmm good question :)!

Doom 1

All of E1






Doom 2

lev 5

lev 8

lev 9

lev 10

lev 18

lev 20

lev 25

Oh, and I love the music for Batman Doom. Very cool! Final Doom music is ok

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