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Guest Cop999

Why not make 10sector3?

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Guest Cop999

ive found about these wads are great which were once tried to get into 10sector contest.

01/02 10sector-fraggle.wad -- Simon Howard
01/07 brute10.wad -- Paul Corfiatis
02/01 10s_vrgl.wad -- Vick Bobkov
02/08 def monsters.wad -- Slayer
02/16 kodo10.wad -- Paul Corfiatis
03/02 1dayhell.wad -- Sascha \" The Prophet\" Müller
05/17 stphrz.wad -- Stephen Robinson

i recommand that maybe we should have another 10sector contest in this comming summer around june and july. I think thatd be GREAT!

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Guest Cop999

oh , yea i had 10sector2, this is very confusing without the 10sector info, ling

Well, where can i download 10sector2 back? i had that already but i just accidentally deleted

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