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Guest zman

need help :(

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Guest zman

i'm a 3d artist.
i'v been working on a site for sometime now and i seem to have some problams lately.
i didnt get the chance to learn HTML (allthough i know how things work) cause i was very busy with my 3d stuff so i had someone helping me with the actual code (i'v designed everything and made the graphix and told him what to do). but the guy seems to dissapear lately and i'm kinda stuck.
my site is very unique and i really wanna put it online (its allready 70% done and i'v allready bought the domain name). it'll be about gaming art,free games and other stuff (kinda hard to explain exactly).
anyways i need someone who is pretty good with html (the code is advanced) and is serius about helping me (i had a few guys who said they wanna help me but rarely ever showed up online) to help me finish it so i could put it online for the public :)
here are a few of the layouts (incomplete yet) that will be on my site and need work:


if you wanna help me and you are serius about it
plz contact me:

icq: 25846964

btw here are a few of my renders:





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