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Guest PFCRon

Continuing My Last post

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Guest PFCRon

Just in case my second reply to my own post on makin screenshots for the first Hexen didn't get noticed, I will make a new post for it. In that reply, I stated that (to quote myself):

"When I pressed F1, the game collapsed. What exactly went wrong?"

Or something along that line. Anyway, my next problem is just that; the game collapses when I press F1 to make a screenshot during the playing of a demo. Does having Hexen95 have anything to do with it?

Next question before I leave; is there a way to make demos on Hexen 2? Is the DOS command "-recorddemo"? Or is it "-recdemo"? And will the binded key for makin screenshots through the console work while playing a demo if a demo is possible?

I just hope that's feezible to you guys. Sorry to be obsessed with screenshot questions, but I plan to make a site by summmer and sections of it will consist of DOOM, Hexen, and Hexen 2. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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