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Guest Cacodemon Leade

The Truth of Rubilacxe's Leave:

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Guest Cacodemon Leade

I received an E-Mail from Rubilacxe himself. Here it is:

From E-Mail Rubilacxe Sent me:
Here's the reason why I left: Stupid People

Jon and some guy, I think his name is Vorpal, are stupid. They think I have
no respect for any of the stuff I "ripped". Of course, that is not true. I
have no talent what so ever in making graphics or levels. Hell, I don't even
have the equipment to make my own music.

Vorpal said that the people I stole from DID care. Stupid, If the people
really did care, they would e-mail me. If they did care, they wouldn't just
sit around and say "I don't liek that", they would voice their opinon! They
would let me know that they didn't like it. The people who made Cleimos 2,
Twilight Warrior, STRAIN, Half-Life Doom, HellRaiser Doom, Wolfenstein Doom:
Artic Wolf, Massmouth, Gothic Doom DM, and Starwars Doom never got mad at me!
IF they did, they would tell me that they were upset and I would remove
whatever material was theirs!

Jon is what made me leave because of his smart ass remarks, not his
stupidity. Right Now, I'm finding out the e-mail adresses of the people I
stole from. I will e-mail them, tell them what I took, and if I can use it.
Wish me luck

BTW, I have the right to use your Free Hissy stuff (Electrode Gun) right?

Seriously, Rubilacxe told me to give DoomWorld the message. That was the message.

And I give him permission to use graphics from Cacodemon Squad.

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You want to be careful that you've got permission to reprint his email like that you know...

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Speaking of stupid people...

Isn't it strange that he never asked you permission until you bought the subject up. And you _shouldn't_ take property, be it intellectual property or otherwise, without asking. Period.

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Ralphis said:

thats nice.

Heh, he really thinks the people he ripped from are reading this forum and would know about Cube.
That's like saying it's ok to rob someone's house, as long as they don't notice.

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Heh, that's exactly the same example and same way I was thinking of posting a response. Looks like we're on the same brainwaves :)

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