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OK! Listen, you little morons. I NEVER, repeat, NEVER intended to make Cube an offical pc. I don't take any credit for any of this stuff.

Ok? I was just screwing around with DEHACKED and I made the creature creator. I thought it would be stupid if the guns looked like the original Doom guns, so i just grabbed a few things and put them in.

From there, I wanted to go further so I started making a story and fooled around with monsters to fit their graphic.

You Moronic-Assholes seem to think that I'm a stupid guy who has no respect for anything and think that I believe that I can just walk around, stealing peoples shit and think I can get away with it.

Well, I never had ANY intention of repeating this "ripping off others work" shit. If I were to make another Doom PC, it would be complelely original. I just wanted to show you guys my work, and nobody likes to see the same old levels and music and sounds and graphics that Doom 2 had, so I took some stuff.

One last thing, I have no fucking clue why any of you care about this stuff. It's just a game and you guys aren't making any money off of your stuff, so why copyright it? I don't know why I even registered to this stupid forum. All you guys do is sit around all day in this place, bitching about how some guy is stupid and has no respect for property. So you know what? You guys can just kiss my fat ass! GET A FUCKING LIFE!

This time I'm leaving for good, so I hope your happy. Fuck you guys. It's not worth getting all of that permission for such a stupid game.


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