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Guest stefanodoc

doom for macintosh: how/where to get

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Guest stefanodoc

I just downloaded the demo version of Doom for Macintosh. I know I'm five years late! However I'm having a very wild entertainment playing with it. I'd like to purchase the complete Doom and Doom II, but… versions of these complete games for macintosh exhist? if yes, how to get them??
Thank you for help

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Buy the PC version, then use the main IWAD together with the Mac executable (either the official one - see our 'shareware' section, or use one of the few Mac source ports).

Hope this helps,

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Guest ZarcyB

Just buy a PC, it'll sort any trouble you have with Macs.

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Guest Dest-X
Lüt said:

Ohhhhhh, Peter!......


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Comrade! Receive the special mac-user handshake here :)
The following Mac versions do exist:

1. Shareware Doom (first episode of Doom)
2. Ulimate Doom
3. DoomII
4. Master Levels
5. Final Doom
(but "Plutonia Experiment", one of the two 32 level hubs is full of errors, for example level 12 crashes so hard on entry that two of my machines performed a switch-off)

6. the Mac CD which came with the id Anthology (Vintage Id games, all Doom games and Quake 1

Shop for all of these games on ebay with ease (except the id Anthology which is pretty rare).

Plus we Mac users now have a source port, too: MacDoom Legacy, which comes with OpenGL (I dislike OpenGL to the fullest).

You could watch out for the socalled "Doom Triology", a box set with and embossed Cyberdemon on its cover (nice, but the "id anthology" is much nicer) witch holds all Ultimate Doom, DoomII and the "Master Levels". This box set is for the PC, but the iwads are compatible with MacDoom and also MacDoom Legacy, so you could download the free sourceport and play the games with it. I recently saw that set for $30 on ebay.

Want to have some utils? Look at doomworld´s editing section or I drop you a list.
BTW: The maybe mightiest wad editor is on the Mac: "Hellmaker" by Paul Davidson. There are some PC Doomers here who run Mac emulators just for this editor.

PS: Do not be angry about guys here telling you to buy a PC - they allways suggest this (I made my experiences) - but they are nice guys :)

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