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nightmare imp

Hey a little help here.

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Just a few things I gotta get off of my chest.

1) I remember a few months ago someone was talking about a partial conversion for Doom or Doom2,I dunno but I heard about a DOOM 64 replacement,if it does exist or is it complete,where can I get from?

2) How about the Doom conversion "HELLSTORM acsencion " is that even done and ready to download?

3) What about Hell revealed 2?Is that done?

4) And finnaly,can someone help me or tell me how to use wads with Doom legacy?What kind of wads,like old one from back in the day or do they have to be Doom legacy wads?

Thanks to anyone who can help me.

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1) I have no idea.
2) I have no idea.
3) I have no idea.
4) Use launcher.exe that comes with Legacy. With that open, click 'Single Map (don't worry, that's just a misleading name)'.

Make sure you choose to start at map01. In the customize box check the additional files box and with the bar below it you can browse (click the plus sign) and add as many wads as you want. =)

If my memory serves me Legacy has full support for Doom2 wads, Boom wads and of course Legacy specific wads. Just don't try to run a zDoom wad with it. =)

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1) http://www.doomworld.com/immoralconduct/html/proj.htm

2) I'm supposedly on the team, but I haven't heard from him for something like half a year. I think it's safe to say that the project is dead.

3) Nope, there's a 16 level beta though (http://www.doomworld.com/hr2)

4) As with any port, simply use -file x.wad y.wad z.wad (where x/y/z is whatever .wad you want, and you can have however many you want too) after the .exe

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