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classic games

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I totally lost my temper last night and removed all traces of windows 2000 professional from my machine. Windows 98 has returned to my computer!

I did however forget to back up my doom directory (doh).

But no matter, I have spent today in 1998 heaven! Games accually work now!

So while this euphoria lasts (and to take my mind of the shit OS) give me lists of games that I should check out while I still have the use of dos. At the momment I'm playing through the soviet missions of Red Alert and Civ2 is beckoning, but I need more gaming goodness.

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just a few:
X-com: UFO defense
X-com: Terror from the deep
Dune II
Wolfenstein 3d
Monkey Island
Day of the Tentacle

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Erik said:

Day of the Tentacle

Haha, that game is some crazy shit :P I never won it though but it was one of the few games of it's nature that I could actually get places in.

If you're looking for an FPS, Chasm: The Rift was really damn innovative for it's time (and it's technology was damn good for something based off Doom format), but it had a weird bug where sometimes your savegame would go corrupt for no reason. It's easily alleviated by just alternating 2 save slots but can get annoying nonetheless.

Other than that: BREAK OUT THE NES ROMS!!

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Reinstall Doom then go download all 4,500(?) pwads. Should keep you busy for a few hours.. =P

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