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top doom monster rejects

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here are some monsters that never made it into doom

the flying imp, try and run from his fireballs

bill clinton and monica together, you dont want to know what they through at u.

llama, they are stupid, smelly and spit whats worse

the quake guy, quake and doom should never mix

the creepy girl that likes me, wile she is a very scary monster i cant imagin her in doom

marilyn manson, wile fits with creepy and even better with hell i am sure he would be a terrible doom monster

lost souls, i know they are in there but they suck i hate them so much.

pain elemental, same as above they suck

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A few months back a kid in the Doom 3 forum suggested that there be a four armed zombie with four double barrelled shotguns. Does that count?

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The forum lamer-Fires long,long strings of flames at people for no good reason :)

His backup attack is a long 'sig' that he uses after the flames

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