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nightmare imp

Can anyone help me?

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Hey once again fellow DOOMERS.

I downloaded boom yesterday for the hell of it,I wanted to see what it was like.Anyhow I downloaded it and unzipped it into the DOOM directory and so on.Im good with computers,but not that good so a little help.

It started up fine and I began to play and noticed there was no background music.I went into options and saw that the volume for music was all the way up.

I went to the one program wich I dont remember what it's called.I saw that there was a music midi player thingamajig and I played around with the appropriate thing.

The music still dident work for christ sakes.And put that aside now there is no sfx for boom,what happend.For a moment I thought I screwed up the sound on my computer but I dident and the sound and music worked for every other DOOM on my computer.

Is it just boom that is messed up,what is prboom?

I'd apreciate anyones knowledge of this,thanks alot.

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prboom is the windows port of boom. so it uses directx. so the sound will be better.

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Boom uses that silly/useless Allegro sound setup to configure your music and sound, and it usually doesn't work 80% of the time. My first recommendation is to use a much better Windows port like ZDoom (if you have a fast computer; this one is seriously a speed hog), or else PRBoom, basically the same thing.

But, if you're gonna configure the Allegro sound that Boom and a few other ports use, go to your Doom directory and run ASetup.exe and that'll load their setup program, and from there you can guess at how your card is configured. The auto-detect usually never gets it right.

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nightmare imp said:

Thanks for ther tips abd thanks for the front end,it kicks ass!

Pleased to hear you like it ;-)

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