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Zeratul 982

problems with "mmsystem262" (revised)

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Either no one understood the title of my earlier post about this or nobody cared. Here it is again:

"mmsystem262: There is a problem with your media device. Make sure that it is working properly or contact your device manufacturer."

This is what it says in the startup script when I start up Legacy. Could this be related to the sound problem which causes ZDoom to freeze and lock up? How do I correct it?

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Yeah, I already know that.
I just want to know how to fix it because it likes to make Doom crash, especially ZDoom.

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You need to give more information. Like OS, sound card manufacturer, does it play midi in regular use?, video card, memory, cpu .. IOW, the ball of wax. Look at device manager and make a note of the IRQ, DMA and I/O range of your devices.

Try to be as detailed as possible up to the point of failure (for example, at what point in ZDoom - does it play anything at all?

Could be as simple as an IRQ conflict that shows up only when playing a game that happens to access more resources at once than a typical desktop app.

Maybe somebody will spot something they ran across.

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