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Zeratul 982

mmsystem errors (cont.)

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This mmsystem problem has been happening for about a month now. I think these are the posts that kind of describe the problems I was having:


But now I'm finding out that it's not the wads that are screwing it up, but one of the midi modules or something. In Doom Legacy's startup script, it says something about "mmsystem262" not working properly like I brought up on my last post. Now in the middle of playing the game, I received an error about "mmsystem001."

deepteam: I have no idea how to fix this problem. Maybe I have to find and reinstall the drivers, but I have no idea how. If you still want to know what OS I'm using and everything else, just say so and I'll put down what I know. Somehow I don't think it'll help though.

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Best thing to do: go into the System Properties, remove the thing, remove any programs you have installed for the card, restart the computer, let it detect the card and install the drivers again.

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Do just like Penny Arcade recommends :

# Burn the friggin sound card.
# Invent a machine capable of burning burnt stuff.
# Burn both the burnt card and the re-burning machine.

Buy a Live! mp3+ 5.1

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It never hurts to give too much information. I don't think in all those posts you mentioned the OS, cpu, driver dates or memory?

Also a basic question - can you successfully play midi stuff using media player?

Assuming you can, then do what Lut suggested AND get the newest drivers for your card before you do. I found those about a year ago here http://www.cirrus.com/drivers/

You need to know the model number of your sound card and manufacturer before you go there.

To find out how old your drivers are - see device manager. It should also tell you the manufacturer and model number.

Here's some other basic ideas:

Run Windows98SE or at least 95OSR2 (iow not the original win95)
Update drivers (for sure if they are 2+ years old)
Install at least DX6

It's very possible that sound card will never work with DirectX. Onboard cards can usually be disabled. Get a "value" SBLIVE and your problems will probably go away:)

As far as ZDOOM goes, there is a mistake in ZDOOM since 1.2x. It appears to depend on the system. On my system, 1.22 would run ONCE and then the desktop would refuse to refresh. I'd have to kill explorer to fix. 1.23b24 runs a bit more, but eventually it too "can" crash explorer. Clearly it overlays "somewhere". By contrast, 1.17/1.18 NEVER exhibited this problem. Nor do the other ports cause probs - aside from their own internal issues.

You can "see" this problem by noting that different users can get 1.23 to work but not 1.22 and visa-versa.

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