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Guest PFCRon

I should say "collaberation", but still, some of it IS my work. Anyway, me and a friend are in the process of makin a PC for DOOM 2 (vanilla), and I think Ralphis, formely DukeNukem, know's what it is. Back when I was PFCGray, I mentioned that I had an idea of combining my 2 loves into one thing. Those 2 loves happen to be DOOM and WWF. At first I thought it would never get off the ground, but now ever since I got WinTex (thanks Ralphis)the WAD I have already has most of the sounds replaced, the status bar redone, the mug redone, one modified sprite (the berserk pack), and ALL the music changed to wrestler's entrance themes and two TV themes. Oh, and also the title screen, interpic, "quit game", and 5 of the level headers have been changed as well. If this WAD wants to be finished in time, more than one person will have to work on it. The hardest thing of all will be the level design. If it does get finished, then I will submit either to an FTP or the DOOM Wad Station (yeah, I'm a traitor, I know).

Here's a list of all the character sound replacements, just the name of the wrestler:

Zombies= Kurt Angle

Imp=Al Snow

Demons=Chris "Y2J" Jericho

Cacodemon=Kane (with voice transmitter)

Hell Knight=The Rock

Baron of Hell=HHH (Triple H, however you wanna do it)

Aracnotron=Jerry "The King" Lawler

Pain Elemental="Stone Cold" Steve Austin

Revenant=Mark Henry

Mancubus=The Big Show (originally I wanted Rikishi, but it's almost impossible to find Rikishi sounds; I haven't foud ANY yet)

Arch-Vile=X-Pac/Road Dogg

Spider Mastermind=Shane McMahon

Cyberdemon=Vince McMahon

Sorry, no Lost Soul Sound. I'll bet almost none of you have the slightest idea who all these wrestlers are. I bet Ralphis know though. Hopefully, if all goes well, I would expect to have this finished by sometime next year (not very expeditious, is it?). Until then, I will be workin my ass off along with my partners. Keep DOOMing!

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I'm glad i could help and good luck :) I have a wad you could use. Never really got around to doing anything with it though.

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