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Guest Malachai

Doom-Related Tech Question (yet another...)

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Guest Malachai

I'm usually capable of fixing most things wrong with my PC or programs, but there's one thing that's been irritating the hell out of me for the longest time, so I thought I'd ask the forum visitors on what they think I ought to do. My Doom2 (which is v1.7...I didn't feel like upgrading because I re-install it too much) and Doom1 of course will not run in with sound of any sort (in Win or DOS) and I'm it's worked before, so it's not the sound card. So as of late they've just not worked at all, even after a re-installation of both the programs and drivers for my (crappy Opti) sound card form the Win98 disc. So if anyone knows what I can do to get my Doom up and running again, I'd really appreciate any suggestions -- Thanks!

P.S.: (sorry for all the parenthetical statements...:))

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Doom 2 - No idea...

Doom 1 (DOS)- Music Device = Sound Blaster
Sound FX device = Sound Blaster
Port address = 220
IRQ = 5
DMA channel = 1
# of SFX to mix = I don't really know. I have it set to 7. 8 doesn't work for me.

PS: Am I doing something wrong there?

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That happened to me when I installed myst 5 years ago, promptly uninstalled it ;)

Maybe there are several devices hogging your sound irq's or dma's?

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Malachai said:

even after a re-installation of both the programs and drivers for my (crappy Opti) sound card form the Win98 disc

Good god man, tell me you didn't install drivers from the Windows CD! SAY IT ISN'T SO!

Get the (usually updated) drivers from the company that made your card. They have to have a website somewhere. Make sure it's not having some sort of IRQ conflict (check System properties and Device Manager and make sure there's no yellow exclamation points by anything). Of course, I have to recommend a Windows-based source port like ZDoom or PRBoom instead of regular Doom.exe.

Also use Windows95 if possible.

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I use a crappy OPTI sound card and run ver 1.7a of Doom2. On ocassion I develop sound problems too. I still use windows 95.
You might try this if you have tried everything you can think of.

Go into windows explorer and see if you have a folder named "Soundsw".

If you do, Look inside for the following files and run them. The programs will tell you if they must be run in DOS. There may be windows 98 equivalent files, or they may use the same ones.

SND4DOS.EXE - Win95 DOS installation loader
SNDINIT1.EXE - hardware Config and Test Program in PNP environment (with CM)
SETSOUND.EXE - invoked to configure the hardware when Windows 95 exits to real mode DOS

Normally after I re-run this series of files, my sound is fixed again for a year or more.

Or look for a readme file in there.
If you don't have any of these files; nevermind;)

Good luck,


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