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doom.wrong.button.com - weekly update!

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just the toons this week. and to all of the newbies (there have been a few), i'll let you know about my site. it has :

-mp3s from pc, psx & n64 dooms. includin the "Awesome Quality!" ones I made myself.

-the weekly toons, including transformers, earthworm jim, south park and freakazoid. for you anime fans, bubblegum crisis tokyo 2040 is there too. these are done by my friend and are excellent quality.

-doom wads, including a mirror of the doom 1 and 2 wads from ftp.cdrom.com.

-doom patches, betas, and faqs

-music for descent & duke as well

-much more...

it's up to 4 gigs now. the site is in my signiture.

and to Rubilacxe, when you upload using an ftp program, make sure the current directory on my server is your upload directory. i just double checked the rights, so it should work. email me if you have any other troubles.

and to everyone, if you'd like to contribute, please email me. i'm a huge anime fan and will take just about anything. i will be putting up more anime and cartoon series when the current ones are done. and i'm STILL looking for mp3s of the tnt midis done on a Roland soundcard. enjoy, everyone.

ps. i just saw Shrek tonite! unbelievably funny. get out of the house and watch it!

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elbryan42 said:

and to Rubilacxe,

Ok, I'll try that a little later

At the moment, I'm downloading your awsome quality Doom 64 MP3's. How did you do that so well?

Shrek, eh? Hmmmmm......The movie with Mike Myers as a green guy?

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I played around with the music for months. I recorded it by plugging the psx right into the sound card. Then, I used Soundforge to fix them up.

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